The Interior Decorator

Artvisory is the leading destination in Australia to find stylish furniture, design and unique antique and contemporary items to decorate your home, office or garden spaces and can assist with advice on how to live with and incorporate art and antiques into a contemporary lifestyle

From exquisite 18th Century French furniture, fabulous traditional and contemporary lighting to Modern Italian glass accessories and more,Artvisory can assist you in your search and decision making to acquire these signature items.

Services also extend to advice on choices of upholstery to update antique pieces as well as framing and art hanging, as well as colour matching, design blending and how to set up a room so it works on every level by adding your signature and unique style.

The Company curates small exhibitions called the Interior Decorator that are denoted by seasonal practicality and will ensure continual offerings of covetable and inspirational items.

Contact Artvisory now to make an appointment to discuss our Interior Decorator Services.

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